ShadowRun - Blood and Shadows

Humanitarian Aid


The Runners were contacted by John ‘Spazz’ Silva, a Horizon Corporate Johnson for a job outside of Seattle. A viral outbreak in the Salish town of Neah Bay led Horizon to send 3,000 doses of anti-viral vaccines to the town to combat the outbreak. Unfortunately someone stole the vaccines and that led to the runners being hired.

Upon arrival, the runners’ decker noticed a lot of excess noise and realized it was due to the large number of ill Technomancers in the area. The teams’ awakened members also felt an incredible amount of magical background due to what they initially thought was the extensive number of deaths and the suffering of the dying. They later learned it was also due to the manipulation of SHEDIM spirits that turned the normally non-airborne HantaVirus into a wind driven plague.
The Shedim had stolen the vaccine in order to prevent the end of the plague and in the end the runners stopped them and recovered most of the vaccines, saving many lives. R1ng3r even earned the gratitude of Mr. Silva and earned a special ‘HTR’ designation on his ‘Deniable Assets’ file (meaning that he is eligible for higher paying Horizon jobs in the future). Everyone earned a nice payday and bonus for their work.

But where did the Shedim come from? Why Neah Bay? Did the Horizon archaeological dig on the nearby island stir up all the trouble? The island was certainly the source of the Hantavirus outbreak, but was the strange quartz disc initially found and given to Horizon the source of all the trouble?

Cutter 3.0


Knight Errant is investigating several murders that resemble the ‘Mayan Cutter’ serial murders from last year. Does this mean the Cutter back? Last years slayings ended abruptly and without explanation or suspects.

Paging Mister Volkov


Somewhere in the rough wild Redmond Barrens Vladamire Volkov has met his end. The last of loyalists in his criminal empire are dead or dying nearby and his last surviving son is no longer (surviving).
In a short, violent gun battle that saw not one but TWO massive explosions rock the Volkov safe house/compound, the runners find themselves bruised, broken and bloody… but victorious.. As MD (the group medic) struggles to save the team Decker, Krack, other teammates await medical attention.
But the night is young and this was but the first stage of a two part plan to take out Volkov and then ambush the arriving envoy looking to sell the fallen Crime Lord a way out and into a comfortable retirement in Russia. Now that plan is in shambles, because the evidence of the fight is too great to simply hide, any hope of an ambush based on the old plan is in ruins.

Can the team recover enough to put together a new plan and come out ahead in this debacle?

Once this last fight is over, the long nightmare of a job can finally be put to bed….

Arrests in Auburn!


“A daring midnight raid by Knight Errant Security forces on the home of notorious Russian mob boss Vladamire Volkov has led to several arrests and an unknown number of suspects dead or injured. Mr. Volkov, the suspected leader of a ”/wikis/vory%20v%20zakone/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>vory v zakone crime family, is currently missing and Knight Errant has posted an APB for the gangster.

Multiple explosions in this quiet, upscale Auburn neighborhood, woke dozens of families from their sleep. Reports vary, but one eye witness account has told us that the Knight Errant High Threat Response team attempted to serve a warrant at the gate of Mr. Volkov’s estate and the security guards there opened fire. This led to a gun fight that lasted some 20-30 minutes as KE HRT special units were deployed and stormed the main house.

Tragically, one Knight Errant helicopter was blown out of the sky by Volkovs’ security teams before they were pacified. It is suspected that all were lost when the helicopter crashed down on the front lawn of the estate.

Since the raid, Knight Errant has had detectives and specialists inside all of the buildings, and dozens of boxes of possible evidence have been removed into secured KE trucks. Expect swift action from Knight Errant over the coming days as they act on evidence gathered at the estate and shutdown the wanted criminal Vladamire Volkovs’ many schemes.

More as it develops, brought to you by NewsNet!


Interview with FROST

An abandoned apartment high rise in the Barrens. Occupied by squatters, gangers, low life scum… and the elusive Mister Frost. Given a lead by Viktor (a possible ally), Whiskey and R1ng3r hastily arrive to question Frost about what he may know about who was behind the murders of the runners Brick and Sanquin… and why.
When they meet Frost, they are… taken back by who, or more precisely WHAT he is – Frost is a vampire, whose pale marble white skin is only broken by a series of intricate and deep tattoos that cover a significant portion of visible skin. Frost is hesitant and suspicious at first, but the two runners manage to defuse the possibly violent encounter and manage to get a few answers out of him.
As they continue their questions, Whiskey name drops that Viktor was the one who told them where to find Frost. Frost, puzzled, asks “Who the frag is Viktor?”

….And that’s when the attack goes down. The door to the cheap flop house blows open, carried into the room by the force of a breaching charge. A pair of Drones simultaneously buzz past the windows, launching canisters of unknown content through the plastic tarps where windows once were. A disorienting BANG! and strobe light show further disorients the two runners, but Frost is already moving… even as the MilSpec armored Troll enters the room with a massive looking gun already belching out fire – Frost is gone.
A second, slightly smaller but equally armored attacker steps past the Troll, who is now firing at the walls and ceiling in pursuit of the super humanly fast Vampire. The second assailant levels a pump action shotgun at the two runners, who are both on their hands and knees, uncontrollably emptying their stomachs after whatever toxic gas was released by the drone launcher canisters.
" dasvidaniya" the shotgun wielding attacker mutters to the two before unloading Gelrounds at the helpless runners. As they black out, the gentle staccato sounds of gunfire is the last thing their hear.


Sometime later the two are revived and find themselves surrounded by friends – Crack and Bacon, along with their fixer King James and his twin body guards ‘Ying and Yang.’ There is also a familiar face present… but it takes the two runners awhile to put a name to the acquaintance: KnightShot – the mysterious (and scary) professional who they met a few months ago on a Barrens run.

King James asks “What the drek happened?”

Battle in Auburn


A daring mid-day exchange of gunfire occurred in Auburn today as gang rivalry reached new levels of violence. On the corner of SE 320th and SE 162nd ave, the ‘Broken Tusker’ Bar (a notorious Biker bar and hangout of The Ancients, an all Elf Gang classified by the Seattle Governor as a hate group) was destroyed in a series of explosions that my sources say came from over a dozen grenades. The Bar was destroyed and all inside would appear to be dead, but the assailants ( as yet unidentified, but some in the neighborhood thought they heard ’SAMOAS!" yelled out just before the outburst of violence ) chased after unidentified individuals trying to escape in a van.

A Knight Errant first response officer arrived shortly after the assault, but was murdered in the line of duty, his body and KE vehicle blown up near the intersection of 162nd and 322nd.

An abandoned and blown up van, as well as another heavily damaged vehicle was secured in the third crime scene (326th and 162nd). Witnesses told our sources that a violent gun fight between two groups broke out here and several were slain. Sources tell us that at least 3 persons escaped this gunfight – one on foot and the other two escaped via car.

Knight Errant has initiated a drag net and pulled video and drone surveillance from the district to determine the identities of those involved.

More as it develops, brought to you by NewsNet!


Three Little Indians


Ho Chummers, KJ with a job offer. Kind of a charity run, compared to the last job you did for me, but such is the way of Nuyen in the shadows. The Salish have posted a reward for information and/or the location of a missing tribe member. Details were sketchy – but I’ve dug up a little more info to get you started. File attached below

[Missing Persons Report]
_Robert ‘Sanquin’ Wolf-Brother, Salish Shidhe Elf from the Cu Cal Shein Tribe.
Last known whereabouts: Redmond, Seattle UCAS, May 2073

Reward for known location and/or extraction: 10,000Y
Contact SSC Representative Kyle SnowWalker at the Council Island Inn for reward_

[Report Concluded]

So yeah, initially not a lot to go on, but I did some digging and found out ‘Sanquin’ ran the shadows a bit before dropping off the grid, mostly in Redmond and Puyallup and mostly for a Fixer named Ricardo Rodriego. He’s a Dwarf and his rep is solid enough that he gets steady low-level work for his runners. He works out of The Armadillo (Puyallup) most nights.
Sanquin seemed to run with mostly two other runners; Brick and Dresden. Brick’s a big ass Troll and Dresden is supposed to be some street mage. Turns out they are missing too, been gone some 6 months or so it seems.

Look, this job seems like a big pain in the hoop but getting in good with the SSC and Council Island may be a good career move. It doesn’t pay up front, so no one has really gone out of their way to track the guys down. I’m curious enough to spot 2,500Y up front if you guys take the job. Three runners going missing without ANYONE knowing about it has my attention, and given the whole debacle that was kicked up during your last run, I want to know these guys didn’t end up Azzie CID zombies.

So are you guys in or out?

Lair of the Ratt

The Runners finally corner Nova Ratt in his lair and the confrontation leads to startling and terrible discoveries. Only after the final showdown and extraction do the runners realize that they had all been exposed to some kind of vaporous psychedelic hallucinogenic drug cocktail – the Decker had some kind of BTL inducing modification on the Deck he so recently acquired (leading the Decker to begin an audio/visual ride mid-run) and the dozens of people strapped onto gurneys and having undergone twisted surgery… were they really starting to sing? To move? Why the hell would 12 people be daisy chained by data cables and blood transfusion equipment to a Host Computer? What was the purpose?

And finally, only afterwards as the dawn of the new day begins can they ask themselves…

“Who incinerated Nova Ratt, just as he was about to start spilling the beans?”

On the Trail of the Nova Ratt

The Runners, hired by King James to uncover who is gathering information on him – and his family, have uncovered a far reaching plot to uncover dirt on various persons in the Seattle Shadow community. “Nova Ratt” – a Technomancer hired to dig up the paydata on numerous targets (including Crime bosses, runners, street docs and fixers) has been tracked down after several false leads.

His lair – an abandoned Cannery and warehouse facility in Tacoma, has been uncovered and now the team must move to catch the Ratt before he bolts….

The Den of Vice

The night before valentines day, the runners are contacted by King James and put in touch with a Mr. Johnson who wants to hire them. The job was simple: locate and destroy a lethal BTL chip algorithm that is causing users to die.
They track down the source (the street gang ‘The 21’s" were manufacturing BTLs out of the old abandoned Wilson High School in Tacoma). The runners raided the site, killing several gangers before finding their target. But not before a mysterious hacker called ‘Nova Ratt’ played havoc with the team’s Decker.
The runners destroyed the lethal master chip and uncovered an encrypted file marked “King James, personal, Family.” They turned the (unread) file over to King James, who paid them handsomely for the data and put them ‘on retainer’ to track down the source and origin of this file. “Nova Ratt” is the suspect – but with next to no information on the (suspected) Tecnomancer, the runners must track down any leads the old fashioned way….


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