ShadowRun - Blood and Shadows


>>Knight Errant Incident Report – Redmond Barrens, Abandoned Bus Terminal outside Touristville 2072-4-23<<

Noise complaints and multiple reports of gunshot fire drew an armored response from Knight Errant’s ‘Crusader’ division. First response arrival found several corpses in the initial sweep of the area and several more in an abandoned terminal bathroom. Deceased were identified as a mix of Sons of Volkov and members of the Vory v Zakone syndicate. Early forensics initially pointed to a possible internal feud between the two normally cooperative factions. However evidence was found of at least 1 unidentified subject present during the conflict.

There was also evidence that one member of the deceased died due to exsanguination, which seems to indicate a HMHVV carrier. Astral observations noted a decidedly high background count even for such a violent killing. The area of highest BGC was in the immediate vicinity of the exsanguinated victim. Forensic Hermetic Mages sent ally spirits to investigate astral leads but nothing has been reported back at this time.



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