ShadowRun - Blood and Shadows


"... nothing good happens after 3 a.m."


An early morning call from King James puts the Team on the clock with a tricky job: Deliver supplies to a farm in the ‘way the hell out there’ Redmond Barrens and then make contact with their employer who needs them to a)defend the farm from recent animal attacks b) investigate a series of brutal killings and figure out what is causing them and c) Stop the killings

Arriving via convoy at around 8 a.m. – the party finds a bedraggled and beaten up ‘shanty farm’ and some shell shocked survivors. Put to task, they help around the farm for a few hours before heading out to investigate two murder sites.

The runners find themselves with the cursory aid of an established ‘old timer’ who has clearly been around the block and knows his Drek. Why he’s out here exactly is unclear… but he seems to be looking for something (someone?) he referred to as ‘Frost.’ But he sure knows a thing or two about parazoology and fragging up awakened critters.

Plenty of evidence is gathered, but no one is sure what it points to: Cannibals? HMHVV infected? Some demon possessed teenager with a rage fueled hunger? Before they can draw concrete conclusions, the farm is under attack as waves of feral dogs and paracritters charge towards the farm…..

After a harrowing series of fights with enraged critters (feral dogs, a Barghest and some hellhounds) – the runners are tore up and ragged. They discovered a ‘White Owl’ was actually a shape changed cannibal mage after it was shot out of the air and died.While recovering.

As they warily continued the watch – something breached the fences and began stalking the farm. Five farmers/militia men were brutally slain before anyone was able to track the ‘thing’ to the entrance of the research/medical lab building… where Whiskey was sleeping off a taxing bout of spell slinging.

Whiskey uses is arcane sight to get a glimpse of ‘it’ before popping a flash/bang and jumping out the window. ‘It’ gave chase and impaled Whiskey on it’s claws before tossing his limp, nearly dead form behind ‘it.’

Pancake fired off a few successful rounds at the invisible terror and it dropped it’s camouflage and charged towards the remaining runners to finish them off. In a hail of gunfire the runners knocked the creature down and finally finished it off after dozens of rounds slammed home. Exhausted, scared and excited, they runners had just experienced their first encounter with a modern day nightmare- a Wendigo.

They were able to save the farm, claim the handsome bounty, finish their run and make some friends along the way….



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