Troll who can move fast.


Brick is a Troll… a Big Troll… who sees a solution to nearly every problem with the application of his fists to the right body part.

Brick has few friends…

Brick had a brief run in the shadows in 2074, managing to piss off the Russian Mafia (Vory) before getting tangled in the affairs of Elves, the reckless whims of a thrill seeking Japanse girl (whose grandfather controls one of the major Yakuza clans in Seattle)… and the there were the Ninjas.

Knight Errant showed up. It was a bad night.

Brick hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The Laesa who hired him to ‘rescue’ the Yak’s grand daughter assume he died or got picked up by the Knights… they couldn’t care less about the affairs of a Troll (Fraggin Elves!)


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