ShadowRun - Blood and Shadows

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First Nights

>>Knight Errant Incident Report – Redmond Barrens, North of Glow City 2072-4-14<<

Informants’ tip led to an armored unit being sent into an as of yet not pacified area of Redmond. Once there, units found the sight of what appeared to be a gang fight. CIS units were dispatched and further investigations revealed the following:
All of the deceased appear to be from the same Street Gang “The Sons of Volkov” or SoV for short (see Sons of Volkov file for details).
The deceased did not, with one exception, discharge any firearms prior to their death by what is believed to be a series of fireball spells cast in unison. Early theory is that 2 or more awakened persons were involved. Use of conventional accelerates or a ‘flame thrower’ type of weapon were ruled out when no chemical trace of any such compounds was found. Motive for the attack remains unknown.
Nominal witnesses were found but uncooperative. It seems that shortly after the incident most of the neighborhood squatters and businesses packed up and departed.
Time of death was placed within the early hours of 2072-4-9

>>Knight Errant Investigation Summary 2072-4-22<<
Ivan Volkov, one of the deceased ‘Sons of Volkov’ discovered in the Barrens was buried this afternoon. Present were several surviving members of the SoV, including his half-brother Ivulkora Volkov and his father Vladamire Volkov.

KEI assets report that Vladamire Volkov is quite upset and has begun using his underworld contacts to uncover those responsible for his sons death.


>>Knight Errant Incident Report – Redmond Barrens, Abandoned Bus Terminal outside Touristville 2072-4-23<<

Noise complaints and multiple reports of gunshot fire drew an armored response from Knight Errant’s ‘Crusader’ division. First response arrival found several corpses in the initial sweep of the area and several more in an abandoned terminal bathroom. Deceased were identified as a mix of Sons of Volkov and members of the Vory v Zakone syndicate. Early forensics initially pointed to a possible internal feud between the two normally cooperative factions. However evidence was found of at least 1 unidentified subject present during the conflict.

There was also evidence that one member of the deceased died due to exsanguination, which seems to indicate a HMHVV carrier. Astral observations noted a decidedly high background count even for such a violent killing. The area of highest BGC was in the immediate vicinity of the exsanguinated victim. Forensic Hermetic Mages sent ally spirits to investigate astral leads but nothing has been reported back at this time.

a Knight on the Town

Arturo Mallory’s friends in Lae’Sa are throwing him a ‘welcome home’ party. Wishing to show his appreciation for their part in his freedom, Arturo has extended invitations to the trio (via Ricardo, their fixer) to attend his ‘humble gathering.’

Of interestingly disturbing note – along with the invite came sets of high fashion clothes. All seemingly custom fit for the three Shadowrunners….

>>>>>>[Getting Biblical]<<<<<<
-- King J <16:24:28/12-22-74>


Matrix Messenger Service, Delivery Confirmed.

“Okay, I know you and you know me. Leave it at that. I’d like to invite you to a sit-down with other like minded, career oriented individuals. Think of it as a networking session. If everyone clicks then the group can qualify for lucrative business opportunities. Standard finders fee will be collected by myself for any non-direct work.”

King James

New Years Eve
>>>>>Hello 2074!<<<<<

[[[Can you pick up some grub on your way here? We’re getting hungry and NiblZ doesn’t want to go yet. I’d kill for a McHugh’s dbl deluxe or even something from the Stuffer Shack]]]


"... nothing good happens after 3 a.m."


An early morning call from King James puts the Team on the clock with a tricky job: Deliver supplies to a farm in the ‘way the hell out there’ Redmond Barrens and then make contact with their employer who needs them to a)defend the farm from recent animal attacks b) investigate a series of brutal killings and figure out what is causing them and c) Stop the killings

Arriving via convoy at around 8 a.m. – the party finds a bedraggled and beaten up ‘shanty farm’ and some shell shocked survivors. Put to task, they help around the farm for a few hours before heading out to investigate two murder sites.

The runners find themselves with the cursory aid of an established ‘old timer’ who has clearly been around the block and knows his Drek. Why he’s out here exactly is unclear… but he seems to be looking for something (someone?) he referred to as ‘Frost.’ But he sure knows a thing or two about parazoology and fragging up awakened critters.

Plenty of evidence is gathered, but no one is sure what it points to: Cannibals? HMHVV infected? Some demon possessed teenager with a rage fueled hunger? Before they can draw concrete conclusions, the farm is under attack as waves of feral dogs and paracritters charge towards the farm…..

After a harrowing series of fights with enraged critters (feral dogs, a Barghest and some hellhounds) – the runners are tore up and ragged. They discovered a ‘White Owl’ was actually a shape changed cannibal mage after it was shot out of the air and died.While recovering.

As they warily continued the watch – something breached the fences and began stalking the farm. Five farmers/militia men were brutally slain before anyone was able to track the ‘thing’ to the entrance of the research/medical lab building… where Whiskey was sleeping off a taxing bout of spell slinging.

Whiskey uses is arcane sight to get a glimpse of ‘it’ before popping a flash/bang and jumping out the window. ‘It’ gave chase and impaled Whiskey on it’s claws before tossing his limp, nearly dead form behind ‘it.’

Pancake fired off a few successful rounds at the invisible terror and it dropped it’s camouflage and charged towards the remaining runners to finish them off. In a hail of gunfire the runners knocked the creature down and finally finished it off after dozens of rounds slammed home. Exhausted, scared and excited, they runners had just experienced their first encounter with a modern day nightmare- a Wendigo.

They were able to save the farm, claim the handsome bounty, finish their run and make some friends along the way….

The Den of Vice

The night before valentines day, the runners are contacted by King James and put in touch with a Mr. Johnson who wants to hire them. The job was simple: locate and destroy a lethal BTL chip algorithm that is causing users to die.
They track down the source (the street gang ‘The 21’s" were manufacturing BTLs out of the old abandoned Wilson High School in Tacoma). The runners raided the site, killing several gangers before finding their target. But not before a mysterious hacker called ‘Nova Ratt’ played havoc with the team’s Decker.
The runners destroyed the lethal master chip and uncovered an encrypted file marked “King James, personal, Family.” They turned the (unread) file over to King James, who paid them handsomely for the data and put them ‘on retainer’ to track down the source and origin of this file. “Nova Ratt” is the suspect – but with next to no information on the (suspected) Tecnomancer, the runners must track down any leads the old fashioned way….

On the Trail of the Nova Ratt

The Runners, hired by King James to uncover who is gathering information on him – and his family, have uncovered a far reaching plot to uncover dirt on various persons in the Seattle Shadow community. “Nova Ratt” – a Technomancer hired to dig up the paydata on numerous targets (including Crime bosses, runners, street docs and fixers) has been tracked down after several false leads.

His lair – an abandoned Cannery and warehouse facility in Tacoma, has been uncovered and now the team must move to catch the Ratt before he bolts….

Lair of the Ratt

The Runners finally corner Nova Ratt in his lair and the confrontation leads to startling and terrible discoveries. Only after the final showdown and extraction do the runners realize that they had all been exposed to some kind of vaporous psychedelic hallucinogenic drug cocktail – the Decker had some kind of BTL inducing modification on the Deck he so recently acquired (leading the Decker to begin an audio/visual ride mid-run) and the dozens of people strapped onto gurneys and having undergone twisted surgery… were they really starting to sing? To move? Why the hell would 12 people be daisy chained by data cables and blood transfusion equipment to a Host Computer? What was the purpose?

And finally, only afterwards as the dawn of the new day begins can they ask themselves…

“Who incinerated Nova Ratt, just as he was about to start spilling the beans?”


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