Getting Started

Game starts in 2074

Initially we will be running some ‘Welcome to the Sixth World’ introductory material/missions as we introduce game concepts and get everyone adapting to the game system. I recommend players new to the game start with a pre-gen archetype.

Everyone should familiarize themselves with the Beginner’s Box set info to start and as the game progresses and your knowledge base expands we will move on towards more complex play.

  • Characters can either be Archetypes or created with the following requirements:
  • I’d prefer you use HEROLABS for generation as it can error check and validate quite easily. It makes character creation a hell of a lot easier to do. Also, with Herolabs you can export a PDF and upload it to this site (see ‘Media Library’ on left side of page). I can then preview the character and give the o.k.
  • Established Runners (you can go for ‘street level play’ if you want, but NO PRIME RUNNERS)
  • Priority system for stats (the classic A,B,C,D & E setup) – DO NOT USE POINT BUY
  • (For now) NO MYSTIC ADEPTS – I “may” change my mind once we’ve been playing for awhile. Current impression is that the build can be OP/broken AF right out of the box. Once the players have established themselves, a mystic adept joining in ’MAY" be allowed.

Getting Started

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