>>>"There’s nuyen to be made here—maybe now more than in the last twenty years. The corps are hiring, the gangs are hiring, the Mob is hiring, the politicians in Chicagoland are hiring, and the smugglers are open for business 24/7/52. Gear up, pop in a fresh clip, and don’t forget the bug spray."<<<
—Sticks, CZ Runner

‘Feral Chicago is a city abandoned but not forgotten, disparate
but unifi ed by its common identity. It doesn’t matter if
the government pissed on us and left us to rot, it doesn’t matter
that the corporations bought Chicagoland and gobbled up the
outer neighborhood, and it doesn’t matter that the Mafi a and the
other vultures of the underworld are fi ghting over who gets to
feast on the corpse or that the lingering threat of the bugs hangs
over us all. Th e idea of Chicago is what remains. Th is is our city,
Ghost damn it, and we’re not leaving. We’ve survived the worst
the Sixth World has to throw at us, and we still stand tall and call
ourselves Chicagoans.’

The Chicago Rules:
• Travel in groups. If you need to see someone alone, have your escort wait outside.
• Pay a local to watch your ride while you’re busy, or leave someone outside to guard it.
• Pack meds. Raw metahuman waste is the least toxic of the things you might touch, and it’ll still kill you.
• Always keep an eye on the sky. Many dangers come from above, such as Wasp spirits or a sniper’s bullet.
• Be wary of strangers. Nobody in the Zone is what she seems.
• Avoid obvious and inviting routes through buildings or streets. They might be booby-trapped.
• Forget treasure hunting in abandoned buildings. Anything valuable was looted a long time ago.
• Be careful working magic in the Zone. Check for Awakened plants that might indicate a normal mana area.
• Never climb the Wall. It is impossible to predict stable paths. Pay the toll at the cleared passages instead.
• Never drink water from the Chicago River. Seriously, don’t. Swimming is highly discouraged, too.


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ShadowRun - Blood and Shadows

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