a young Salish-Shidhe elf in Seatle


Sanquin walked straight out of the Salish and right into a nest of trouble.

In 2073 he entered the shadows of Seattle to try his luck as a Runner. Tangling with a go gang led to a ‘misunderstanding’ with the Russian mob (Vory).

Shortly after that Sanquin, Brick and Dresden took up with some Laesa (elven mob/radicals) for a few jobs in exchange for new identities.

Their last run involved the granddaughter of a Yakuza Gumi Boss, rival Yakuza soldiers, Knight Errant (who took an interest after the collateral damage started adding up)… and Ninjas….

Sanquin has been MIA since, although the girl did get returned to Grandfather’s doorstep.


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