ShadowRun - Blood and Shadows

The Den of Vice

The night before valentines day, the runners are contacted by King James and put in touch with a Mr. Johnson who wants to hire them. The job was simple: locate and destroy a lethal BTL chip algorithm that is causing users to die.
They track down the source (the street gang ‘The 21’s" were manufacturing BTLs out of the old abandoned Wilson High School in Tacoma). The runners raided the site, killing several gangers before finding their target. But not before a mysterious hacker called ‘Nova Ratt’ played havoc with the team’s Decker.
The runners destroyed the lethal master chip and uncovered an encrypted file marked “King James, personal, Family.” They turned the (unread) file over to King James, who paid them handsomely for the data and put them ‘on retainer’ to track down the source and origin of this file. “Nova Ratt” is the suspect – but with next to no information on the (suspected) Tecnomancer, the runners must track down any leads the old fashioned way….


R1NG3R will either:
1) “Muscle” for Whiskey while he works the local bars
2) Will be re-paying a visit to the local gang “searching for the SOB who made the BTL that `nearly killed my sister` and a description of them.”

Either way, it means late nights (and later nights for the SoB I interragate if option #2 is taken).

The Den of Vice

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